Road Rage

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Road Rage

The road is the crucible which melds individual musicians into a cohesive unit capable of making decisive musical statements. Such was the case on a rainy Wednesday night in my second hometown Vancouver BC. The band had just returned from a grueling 10 week 15,000 mile road trip to Chicago IL and back, performing at every bar and juke joint along the way.
There was no live recording planned; we just wanted to hear how we sounded. The tech rigged up a 2 track recording using the board mix and a live mic. After hearing the results the next day I felt that the quality of the recording was good enough to release.
As in any live recording there are technical faults; including an otherwise 'bullet-proof' SM57 microphone which picked that particular night to malfunction, imparting my harp tone with a decidedly strange subsonic distortion. These imperfections are what makes live blues music great: it's about the sweat, the struggle, the joy.
The three studio cuts on this album were originally recorded for my debut release, 'High Price To Play', but were left off that album due to size constraints.
Since it's release in 2001 'Road Rage' has proved to be a very popular record. I'm happy that folks around the world love this mix of live and studio recordings!